Terms and Conditions

I will provide a Final Report as agreed in a Quotation, so far as is reasonably practicable within an agreed timescale, and with all proper skill and care.  The content of the Final Report will be agreed between me and you.

  • It must be recognised that genealogical records may be inaccurate, have been destroyed or may not exist. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that any family tree I draw up will be 100% complete or accurate. I will highlight any areas of uncertainty.
  • Estimates are subject to change if based on incorrect information provided by you, or if any specified dependencies are not available on time

I charge for services at £25 per hour, unless agreed otherwise. Copies of documents from Record Offices and other sources are charged for at cost. I will check with you before making any significant expenditure, for example on travel to libraries or other institutions outside Cheshire.

  • The hourly payment covers the time spent examining and interpreting records regardless of whether the expected information exists in them.

All sums due shall be invoiced and paid as specified in the Quotation. You will pay my invoices within 30 days. Final Reports will not be delivered until after all invoices have been paid.

  • My preferred method of payment is direct bank transfer via BACS. Bank account details will be on the invoice.
  • Any charges incurred through debit/credit cards or overseas transactions will be charged back to you.

I will correct any errors caused by me, at my own cost and as quickly as reasonably practicable, provided such defects are notified to me within one month of delivery of the Final Report.

Either party may terminate the engagement by written notice to the other. You will be liable for all costs incurred up to that point.